Nanaimo Real Estate Appraisals

City Location:

70 Prideaux Street 
Nanaimo, BC 
V9R 2M5 
Telephone: 250.753.3428 
Fax: 250.754.9300

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Nanaimo Appraisals:

We are Nanaimo’s largest and most trusted real estate appraisal firm. Our team of expert appraisers provide a wide range of appraisal and consulting services for residential, industrial, commercial, and investment real estate in and around Nanaimo. Our workforce have a good standing of the Appraisal Institute of Canada by regularly fulfilling the ongoing requirements of the AIC's Continuing Professional Development Program


For comprehensive Nanaimo Residential Services, Real Estate Appraisals, Commercial Appraisal & unique Property Appraisal Call Us Right Now on 250.753.3428 or send us a fax 250.754.9300 and our experts will assist you right away.

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